Have you ever taken a step back and noticed a bombardment of diets and weight related content lurkin’ in the background (or not so background at times) on your social media feed? This background noise is amplified by the fact that our human brain is innately wired to think negatively. This was hugely helpful in […]

Self compassion and why we’re so hard on ourselves.

Did you know as human’s we are wired to think negatively? When we were hunters and gatherers it helped us protect us against threats of other animals. We had to think negatively about a rustle in the bushes and assume it was a larger animal or one that could harm us because if it was, […]

Variety is the spice of life

There is compelling science to suggest that people who chose a way of eating that is highly varied and largely based around the 5 core food groups, regardless of whether they have any other foods in their repertoire (what you once may have labelled as ‘bad’), enjoys a much lower risk of chronic disease than […]

Food is more than nutrients

Food plays a role in shaping our physical health- sure, but food is also engrained in our culture- think of celebratory birthday cakes, Christmas lunch or other religious celebrations, market trips, friend’s BBQ and the chats around Grandma’s kitchen bench! We don’t just eat food for the sake of nutrients, we eat foods for stacks […]

Move your body up and down, make your bootay touch the ground

Love a bit of Queen B. Moving our bodies in ways that we enjoy can be extremely beneficial to health. It’s important that this movement is about feeling vital and great while your moving your body and after you’ve moved your body. Think about activities that you think are fun, or have enjoyed before and […]

Meal planning can make #life easier

meal planning

Let’s face it, we’re busy people leading busy lives and one small change we can implement to make healthy eating a whole lot easier is meal planning! By this we don’t mean plan out your meals and snacks so rigidly that there’s no room for movement, we actually mean the opposite! We want meal planning […]

It’s not you, it’s the diet.

Ever started a diet on Monday only to end up at the pub on Friday night eating burgers and drinking beers with mates, feeling terribly guilty on Saturday, blame your self control for ‘falling off the band wagon’ on Sunday and then start the same cycle all over again on Monday? Well, the good news […]

What if weight loss wasn’t the goal?

So, we’ve been told forever to focus on weight loss as a goal to improve health, what if we told you there is another way to be healthy that doesn’t involve weight loss?? There’s actually a huge amount of growing science that says instead of focusing on changing the shape and size of our body […]

Why’d you have to go and make [health] things so complicated?

Health is really bloody complex, but what we do know is that being healthy is more than just being physically well. Health is made up of our physical, mental, spiritual, environmental & social wellbeing. All of equal importance but not all always prioritised. In diet culture, there tends to be a focus on our physical […]

Feel all the food feels

When we really think about it, we trust and listen to our bodies for SO many things- when we’re cold, we search for a jumper or put the heater on, when we need to go to the toilet, we take ourselves to the bathroom, but when it comes to food, we seem to have lost […]