Have you ever taken a step back and noticed a bombardment of diets and weight related content lurkin’ in the background (or not so background at times) on your social media feed? This background noise is amplified by the fact that our human brain is innately wired to think negatively. This was hugely helpful in our hunter/gatherer days, when it protected us against threats by assuming ALL rustles in the bush were lions, tigers or bears (oh my). But in this day and age, when we’re not often (hopefully) coming across a bear in a bush, it can mean that we are continually responding negatively to things that are not really a threat. For instance, when we’re continuously seeing images of super toned humans with small rigs on the gram, we innately go to the ‘negative’ – comparing ourselves, maybe putting ourselves down or committing to start the ‘health kick’ tomorrow. When you are scrolling through social media and see these sorts of images, it’s important to reflect on how those interactions actually make us feel and realise that not everything we see on social is reality.


If scrolling through social media has these thoughts arising for you, the unfollow function is at your disposal. Heck, why not find 1 account right now that makes you feel this way and tap unfollow! It’s liberating and potentially contagious! Give it a week and check back in with yourself to see how you feel with less of this noise around you.

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