Always feel like something sweet after dinner? Try this.

So, you always feel like something sweet after dinner?

It’s an all too common phrase people approach us with and ask for our help on. Well help is on it’s way- we’ve compiled our top 4 considerations for when you always feel like something sweet after dinner below.

Spoiler alert, eat something sweet.


1. Consider whether your concern for eating sweeties comes from a place of assuming it’s bad to eat sweeties. It’s not bad, and you’re not a bad person for eating sweeties after dinner.
2. Consider whether you feel like sweeties out of habit or a genuine desire to eat them.
3. Consider whether you ate enough dinner and fulfilled your hunger needs. If not, try again tomorrow and see if you feel differently afterwards.
4. Consider whether you ate a satisfying meal for dinner that you enjoyed, or are you seeking joy from the sweeties? If so, try switching up your dinners every now and then so you have more variety and excitement at dinner time.

We hope this is helpful for when you feel like something sweet after dinner. If you feel like you need more support in this department but don’t know where to start, Try our BRAND NEW WIRL APP for FREE! We have tips, tricks and tools of the trade to help you feel fab around food all while looking after your mental wellbeing. Find that happy, healthy feeling where we use food to boost your mood!

If you’d like to read more on topics related to food and mood and more than just why you always feel like something sweet after dinner, head to our blog.

Your WIRLy gals,

Alicia & Bree

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