WTAF does it mean to be healthy?

WTAF does it means to be healthy? For a very long time we have been told that to be healthy we need to focus on primarily improving our physical self and changing the way we look. We have been convinced that we’re never small enough, fit enough, eating well enough. We would then go on a mission to find the ‘top-secret next best thing’ (diet/equation) of food restriction + intense exercise = weight loss. Then, after months of slogging it out, voila’ you’ve made it to healthy land, you’r unrecognisable! For maybe one moment, but then you fall off the bandwagon and you need to start it all over again (actual fact, 95% of people who follow this kind of diet will regain the same weight they just lost within 2-5 years).

Sounds too familiar right? We believe that this really narrow view of health, primarily focused on our physical self, and just doesn’t cut it. We asked [googled] our friends at the World Health Organisation to help us fully understand “what is healthy”? And they said [in almost the same words] “health is really bloody complex, but it is definitely more than just being physically well/focussing on your physical health”. Health is made up of equally important physical, mental, spiritual, environmental & social wellbeing.” Just sit with that.

A wee task for you today…

Today, let’s reflect on the percentage priority you currently place on your physical health. Are there other areas of your health that you think you could support more? What’s 1 thing you can do this week that supports something other than your physical health?

Some examples we’re working on: call your mum/parent/guardian/friend, listen to your favourite playlist on Spotify while you take a bath, download Smiling Mind (free app #notsponsored) and commit to 1 x meditation this week, start reading that book you always wanted to, head somewhere in nature on the weekend and breath in that fresh green air.

Let us know what you’re planning to work on outside your physical health??

Remember in a world that constantly tells us we’re not enough, we’re hear to tell you that you ARE ENOUGH JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! Sending big love!

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