3 ways to remove food guilt from takeout

Want to know the top 3 ways to remove food guilt from takeout?

Ask why you’re ordering takeout in the first place and be kind to yourself.

  • If this isn’t in the top 3 ways to remove food guilt from takeout, then it should be!
  • If you’re ordering out of convenience because you had a busy day at work, you’re home late, or you just cbf cooking, remember doing this, literally saves you the mental and physical load of cooking, and that’s perfectly ok!
  • If you need comfort from a tough run and takeout sounds good to you, you are allowed to eat takeout.
  • If you just feel like takeout because you know it will taste good, nothing is wrong with this. Food is there to be enjoyed, it’s more than nutrition.


If takeout is becoming a vice, be kind to yourself.

  • Check in with yourself, what else is going on in your life atm?
  • There may be other stressors that has meant food planning, prepping or cooking has been deprioritised, and that’s ok.
  • Seek support for those stressors if you can
  • Your normal eating routine will be there for you when you are ready.
  • This is a KEY part to understand as part of our top 3 ways to remove food guilt from takeout eating!


If cooking from scratch & planning meals is just too much effort, be kind to yourself.

  • If you’re open to trying, some options that might offer more nutritional diversity are: burrito bowls, veg pastas, poke bowls, veg curry, noodle & veg soups, falafel kebabs.
  • You could try ordering a main meal eg: pizza, and prepping a quick side dish to bump up the nutritional diversity eg: salad, frozen (cooked) veg or grainy bread
  • Some other convenient meal options, you could also explore:
    • Pre-made supermarket meals eg: pasta & sauce, pre-marinated meats with pre-packaged veg.
    • Frozen meals are great!
    • Meal delivery kits


We hope this has been helpful in understanding our top 3 ways to remove food guilt from takeout. If you ever do feel guilt in the moment and would like some support you could try our beautiful WIRLy friend Rosie’s self compassion meditation here.

If you’d like more than just 3 ways to remove food guilt from takeout and want help boosting mood through food check out our WIRL app on the Apple App Store now!

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