3 ways to beat the bloat

Us WIRLy dietitians picked our top 3 ways to beat the bloat!

Do you constantly feel bloated at the end of each day, desperate to unbutton your pants? Then you simply MUST read these tips.

We’re kicking off with a controversial hint: it’s likely NOT the dairy & gluten you’ve been told to stop eating from all the #influencers. Sure, there are instances where these foods might cause true digestive discomfort. If you think that’s you, then we would STRONGLY recommend speaking with your healthcare professional to investigate further.


However, if you’ve just heard you should avoid them from the internet, here are 3 other reasons to consider before cutting out milk and bread:

  1. Consider your stress levels
    • Our gut and brain are more linked than we ever thought – it’s called your gut-brain axis! When a person becomes stressed enough (immediately or over time – hello day job), it triggers the fight or flight response and their digestion is disrupted. Ever done a nervous wee or poo? That’s what’s playing out!
    • So how do we address this? Try stress reducing activities like exercising (enjoyed mindfully), practicing meditation, speaking with your psychologist, setting boundaries at work or spending time with people who make you feel calm and cared for.


  1. Consider your eating environment
    • When was the last time you walked away from your desk to eat lunch or ate dinner without the TV on? Distraction is one of the key reasons people experience digestive discomfort after eating. Try removing distractions from your eating environment and practicing mindful eating. The WIRL app has over 100 meal meditations designed for a mindful moment of self-care with your meals!


  1. Explore potential food triggers
    • Certain foods like onion, garlic, wheat and apples can trigger bloating and other digestive symptoms. These foods all contain FODMAPs – certain types of carbohydrates that can ferment in your gut and cause IBS symptoms.
    • If you suspect this might be you, speak to an IBS and FODMAP-trained dietitian about whether the low FODMAP diet could be right for you. Gutrition’s gut-friendly meal kits are designed to help you through the low FODMAP diet and identify your FODMAP triggers.


BUT WAIT, there’s more!

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Ya WIRLy gals, Alicia & Bree

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