The power of gratitude

Gratitude. There is science that shows if we do something like keep a gratitude diary (a book where we may write down things that we are grateful for), that after 30 days we can literally start to re-wire the neural pathways in our brain.  Every day we try writing down or at least speaking outloud three things we are grateful for – these could be things that we do or that we have in our lives. There’s a concept called the ‘upward spiral’ of gratitude, where by writing down things we’re grateful for, we can see more and more things we’re grateful for around us which sends us on an upward spiral of mood. So we asked a number of amazing, unique and powerful women – what went well today?

“My afternoon spent with my elder son & my dinner – made a master chef recipe”

“Today I finished work for 12 months!”

“I got to exercise, and feeling okay.”

“I ran 23kms and completed in my first half marathon”

“Second day in a new job. Very busy shift – high workload and acuity. I managed pretty well and even got some positive feedback!”

“I went to the gym after a week off and feel awesome afterwards.”

“Time was on my side! A little time goes a long way! I got out of work on time and indulged in cooking homemade pumpkin with coconut soup, Indian spices & coriander.”

“Manged to get a toddler and newborn out of the house to go to mini gymnastics and then we all slept.”

“The glorious and elusive sun was out!”

“I went for my first run in 2 weeks and it felt so good!”

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