Move your body up and down, make your bootay touch the ground

Love a bit of Queen B.

Moving our bodies in ways that we enjoy can be extremely beneficial to health. It’s important that this movement is about feeling vital and great while your moving your body and after you’ve moved your body. Think about activities that you think are fun, or have enjoyed before and try to incorporate or schedule time for these into your week. Becoming more active allows you to appreciate and reveal the body’s amazing capacity for functionality, strength and capability.

Think about setting goals in relation to moving your body that you may not have traditionally:

  • Improved energy
  • Better sleep
  • Feeling a rush of endorphins post workout
  • Socialising with friends

What is one activity that you remember being the most fun you’ve had? Is there an activity you have never tried before that you are curious about trying? We encourage you today and everyday to think about the types of activity that feel good for you and you body. We encourage you to nudge yourself to try and treat exercise not as punishment but as enjoyment!

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