Eight beyond simple ways of adding some variety

Variety is the spice of life right? Studies actually show that people who eat a wide variety of food are healthier, live longer and have reduced risk of developing illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Here are some beyond simple ways of adding some variety to your life.

  1. Challenge yourself with every meal, can you add an extra food group? Some ideas could be… adding nuts to porridge (or a dollop of yoghurt), pouring a tin of legumes into your salad, grating in zucchini and carrot into any type of bolognaise sauce, could also be adding zucchini spirals with pasta or cauliflower to your rice.
  2. When you do your weekly shop, try to see if you can use a new veggie or fruit. This is a great activity if you have kids to get them involved!
  3. Try to include many different colours on your plate, in your bowl, or even on your sandwich! Celebrate rainbow food!
  4. We love love cooking classes to learn all about different cooking styles, recipes, and cuisines!
  5. Pop down to your local farmers market for inspiration!
  6. Think about spices and herbs how can they add variety and flavour to your dishes 
  7. We learnt this one from one of the ladies who came along to our workshops… recipe flicking! Open up a cookbook and whatever page it opens to, you have to make it!
  8. Learn from your friends & family. I think this is brilliant especially at work, I always learn great ideas from people at work about the different foods they make!

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