Pausing when life gets busy

Pausing when life gets busy is important. So today we wanted to share one of our WIRL app audio meditations for FREE below so you can feel the calming benefits of slowing down with your food.

Let’s take a moment to pause and acknowledge that life’s calendar can sometimes fill up.

It can bring about a feeling of exhaustion and become overwhelming at times.

So today, let’s give ourselves some space and time to calm our mind & body with the food in front of you.

Listening to music, can be a really powerful way to passively carve out time with our food and better yet, slowing the pace of our meal can support our digestive system.

So, sit down and slow down to these relaxing sounds with your meal today.

Remember you deserve rest today and everyday. It’s important to ensure you are pausing when life gets busy.

If you want to listen to more audio meditations that are on the WIRL app we also have one of our faves: Navigating a better relationship to food FREE on our website too.


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