We want to live in a world where diets don’t exist.

Our food philosophy is moderation. Our folks taught us that. We grew up around veggie patches, mixing bowls and grandma’s kitchen bench. Creating food with family and friends is our jam and it’s left us pretty well rounded when it comes to food and our approach to health.

However, we feel genuinely devastated to see the huge amount of pressure, pain and unrealistic expectations people put on themselves and food. Did you know, body image is the number 1 issue for young people?

We know that diets don’t work, nor does having the goal posts set so narrow. So we decided to offer space and time for people to come together in a fun, safe, familiar environment to share with and learn from one and other. Facilitated by yours truly. At the moment we do this in the form of workshops where we explore broadening our view on health, how to be kinder to ourselves and others and how we can lift food rules.

They’re a ripper of a good time and for each workshop we donate a portion of profits to a charity organisation. We’d love to see you at one soon!

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