We know:
– Young Australian’s have identified body image as one of their top 3 personal concerns for the 6th year in a row (1).
– 1 in 4 young people have serious body image concerns (1).
– Young people with negative body image engage in body isolation and nutrition deprivation, which can trigger serious illnesses such as disordered eating (2).

1. Mission Australia’s 2015 National Youth Survey
2. Butterfly Foundation

It’s time for change…

In our schools program we bring a fresh approach that empowers young women to change their focus away from deprivation, towards nourishment, focussing more on behaviours surrounding food, such as goal-setting, and mindful eating. We take the focus off weight and instead cultivate an appreciation and love for who we are and the bodies that we find ourselves in.

We know this approach is backed by science, we know it has better psychological health outcomes and we know it has greater long-term success. We’re passionate about equipping young women with the resilience they need to stamp out negative body image and celebrate body diversity in all it’s forms in the ever evolving body conscious world we live in.

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