Workshops & cooking classes
Immersive and hands-on experiences that encourage people to discover & learn together about the WIRL way... Ripper of a good time that encourages like minded people to connect and learn. Located in Melbourne, Australia with events across the country side. Follow us on the socials for deets on our upcoming workshops.
Online tools
We are so pleased to introduce to the birth of our newest child, the WIRL tracker WIRL tracker... A daily check in that prompts you for 30 days to eat, move and think differently. With real-life recipes, mindful meditations, exercises you’ll actually enjoy and loads of learning.
Corporate programs
Empowering women’s leadership through a focus on their relationship with food and their bodies... Spend some time with us building healthy bodies and happy minds to boost the productivity and leadership within your workplace. Using science lead and holistic approaches to design custom experiences that ensure your people remain your best asset.
Virtual masterclasses & coaching
Explore the WIRL way in the comfort of your home, because hey IRL – means sometimes not IRL... Immersive digital experiences that allow you to learn at your own pace. You’ll probably catch sight of full blown science-geek versions Alicia and Bree.
School courses
Super engaging and practical discussions that face into some of the biggest issues young people face... We know that dieting and body image are some of the biggest issues young people face, so our workshops aim to improve their relationships with food, their body & self-confidence.
Keynote speakers
We love to chat. Get us on a rant about nutrition and we can entertain & educate the crowds... Well regarded for our leadership and business acumen, sharing engaging insights and inspiration for diverse audiences.