Self Compassion Meditation by Rosie Jean

Self-compassion is the art of giving ourselves the same kindness and care we’d give to a good friend.

Enjoy this lovely self compassion meditation from Rosie Jean. Rosie is a Melbourne based yoga and meditation teacher.⁠

⁠Before social distancing you would find Rosie teaching yoga at Power Living Fitzroy & Shining Light Northcote. She was also facilitating monthly events about mental health. These days Rosie is navigating the virtual world with a full schedule of classes to explore.⁠
⁠Outside of yoga, Rosie works in mental health as a counsellor and group facilitator. She often collaborates with organisations to lead relaxation and self-care trainings for staff and clients. Rosie is deeply interested in the way the mind and body communicate.  She has worked primarily in eating disorder recovery & with a background in psychology, Rosie is therefore deeply inspired to share knowledge and practices which support mental health.⁠

You can learn more about other ways to practice self-compassion here.

Please also check out the incredible Rosie Jean on her website. She’s got some amazing mental health resources to support you during this time!

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