The way the world views food is messing with our mental health.

Help us, help young women live in a world where food is no longer a mental health burden but a vessel to improve their mental wellbeing.

WIRL is a mental wellbeing app fuelled by food

Experience that happy, healthy feeling through the gut:brain axis. A personalised and science backed way of eating that supports both ‘how’ and ‘what’ we eat.

Damn delicious, colourful recipes paired with fun, practical eating experiences.

Time-saving dinner planner & shopping list, no more asking wtf is for dinner tonight.

Support to overcome our most common challenges that take away from the joy of food.

Try our MVP app for free

Before you sign up, there’s a few things to note: 

  1. There is currently only one journey through the app – cravings is the most common challenge our customers face when it comes to food
  2. The app is a web app – using Bubble (but Bree is working SUPER hard behind the scenes to get it wrapped and on the app store ASAP!)
  3. For now, the app is best used on an iPhone (iOS) mobile phone web browser
  4. We welcome all the feedback, so feel free to share your brain thoughts with us!!