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For a limited time only buy WIRL’s monthly subscription and get a personalised nutrition review for FREE!


We (the dietitian’s that we are) will personally review & share how to make your go-to meals more gut friendly.

WIRL is harnessing the powerful science that links your gut and your brain (aka your gut-brain axis) to look after your mental wellbeing through food.

There is some really exciting science that shows a healthy gut microbiome can increase levels of happiness in some folks.

That’s why we’re here to review your go-to meals & snacks and offer our top 5 personalised tips on how you can make them more gut friendly 🙌


So how will this all work?

📱Buy a monthly subscription to the WIRL app

💻 We send you a fun lil’ form to complete

👀 Us WIRLy dietitians will review your inputs

✉️ Within one week our tips will hit your inbox

💪 You start making those gut health gains




The details:

This promotion is limited to one free personalised nutrition review on how to make your go-to meals more gut friendly, per person. It is free and open to first time subscribers to the monthly subscription of the WIRL app via any purchasing channel (, Apple App Store or Google Play). It is available from 8:00AM Monday 20th of March 2023 until 11:59PM Sunday the 26th of March 2023 AEDT. After purchasing, you will receive an email with the details of how to redeem your review and it must be redeemed within 7 days of purchase. NB: this is not medical advice, please speak with your healthcare professional for medical nutrition support.

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