Food is so much more than nutrients

We believe that our wellbeing is shaped by a multitude of factors, including our physical, mental & spiritual health, and that no one factor should be considered in isolation or be left behind.
We also believe that food can play an integral role in helping to shape ALL parts of our wellbeing.
It’s well known role that food plays in fuelling our physical bodies to perform its daily activities, as well as those micronutrients playing a functional role in our health. Which makes total sense, when you think back to our ancestors – food was scarce and most of their days were spent trying to source it for fuel. Simple equation- hungry = hunt/forage = eat.

It’s then interesting to think about how food has evolved over time for humans, so if we fast-forward a few thousand years, when electricity still wasn’t invented but people may have harvested crop from their land, cooked over fire from scratch and ate by candlelight with their families. It became more of a ritual to bring people together rather than just for fuel. Now to today…. the western world is surrounded by choice, our supermarket shelves are abundant with foods of many cultures and we can pretty much order a burger from an application on our phone and it’s delivered within 15 minutes!

The above demonstrates one thing pretty clear, food has always remained an integral part of the human experience. Food is honestly powerful- it can bring people together, it can break down barriers, it can be an outlet for creativity, pick us up when we’re feeling down (hello chocolate) and can also bring much happiness and enjoyment to our lives. Think about the humble birthday cake, your grandmas cookie recipe, Christmas lunch, cheese and wine on Friday nights with friends or the warming feeling you get from a hearty soup in winter.

If food can help shape all parts of our wellbeing let’s try to leave behind that thinking with food just providing nutrients to our bodies and embrace the magic that it brings to our lives.



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