Food and mood nutrients

Ever wondered how food and mood nutrients might *actually* helps boost our mood?⁠⁠

Here are 3 nutrients food and mood nutrients that support our emotional wellbeing and some foods that are full of ’em.⁠

There are SO many more, this is just something to whet your appetite!

Vitamin C

Can help promote mental clarity, reduce fatigue and support neurological function. Ways to add more to your diet? Add citrus fruits to your salads, frozen berries to your porridge, shave some cabbage on top of your taco!


Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and healthy psychological function. Ways to add more to your diet? Dark leafy greens like spinach in a pie or a handful in a salad. Kidney beans in your chilli, soup or stews. Eggs & toast for brekkie.

Omega 3

Contributes to the health of brain tissue. Ways to add more to your diet? Add salmon steaks to your weekly rotation, or snack on tinned salmon. Add walnuts or chia seeds to your salads, cereal, smoothies or as a toast topper!

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Or you can read more about how to food impacts our mood over on our blog.

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